Talk Polymath: Evidence-based Conversations

Talk Polymath Ep.14 | Human Behavior in a Time of Global Disruption

December 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 14
Talk Polymath: Evidence-based Conversations
Talk Polymath Ep.14 | Human Behavior in a Time of Global Disruption
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Colin Strong, Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos. During our discussion, Colin differentiates behavioral science from traditional psychology and how the former can help us understand how to navigate the “liquid changing” sociopolitical and environmental situations currently happening on a global scale. Specifically, he offers his perspective on how the Pandemic affected the human condition, the behavioral changes that manifested, and how they may impact the critical challenges we face.




Colin Strong


Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos


Colin Strong is Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos, where he applies this discipline to client challenges in the private and public sectors, with recent activities in sustainability, disrupted brand choice, organizational change, and financial well-being. Colin and his team have developed a significant reputation in behavior change, developing a system that delivers sustained change in various contexts.


Colin’s academic background is in psychology, with a Masters's Degree in Applied Psychology from Cranfield Institute.  He has worked in the market research industry for most of his career, using a psychology lens to develop advice, guidance, and new approaches using market research tools.


He is an Honorary Professor of Consumer and Behavioural Psychology at Nottingham University Business School, where he is actively engaged in a range of programs, including a significant body of work on autonomous systems.


Finally, he is a writer with a book under his belt (Humanizing Big Data) and writing projects both on applied behavioral science and another on the tricky business of ‘being human’.




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Authors Mentioned:

Lorraine Daston 

Cory Doctorow

Jernnifer Jacquet

David Noble





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